Thank you for visiting my blog.

I am a Priest in the Church of England, and currently serving as the parish priest of St. Richard of Chichester, Langney.

In this blog, I am hoping to share some of my reflections on almost everything ‘Theology’. I am doing this as a learner rather than a professional teacher (I am nowhere near that). I seek not to find a distinctive personal voice of my own, rather I aim to learn from/be faithful to, and ultimately unify my voice with that of the Church.

As well as curacy, I am currently doing an MA in Christian theology. My interest lies in patristic and philosophical theology. I am currently looking at the St. Cyril of Alexandria’s theology and relation to Scripture. As well as the Fathers of the Church, I am interested in sacramental theology, ecclesiology, and liturgy.

I hope you enjoy the blog and contribute with your comments and questions.

One final thing to mention, I am diagnosed with a moderate form of dyslexia and dyspraxia. And, thou I am a proud Brit, English is my third language, which means that my blog will never be as polished as I wish it to be.

Thank you for your visit

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I like watching fireworks. I didn’t know they could be read as well!

    Roman candles, Catherine wheels, fire crackers, bangers, rockets, sparklers and little devils… the display promises to be exciting and I shall await your reflections with interest.

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